Getting Through Homescapes

Homescapes is the latest offering from the people that made Gardenscapes. Austin the butler is back and this time you’re helping him renovate his parents’ house. That means that the story element is there where you can start off and continue to play the story. Then again you can’t unlock parts of the house if you didn’t happen to complete parts of the story first. The story will progress so that allows you to unlock more items and areas. Now in order to unlock these areas and items, you have to play the puzzles in Homescapes. The puzzles in the game are very basic if you consider them that way. The puzzles are basically your typical match three tiles.

Each level will have a number of moves for you to use and objectives like certain amount of tiles to match. Each level has different objectives and number of moves so keep that in mind. Now don’t worry as there are power ups that can help you in the levels. You do have to match the right tiles to unlock them. Just like the rockets that will destroy a vertical or horizontal line depending on where they are facing. Then we have the bomb which destroys a radius of tiles and the paper plane that covers a smaller range and destroys one distant tile. Then we have the rainbow ball that eliminates all the same colored tiles that it is adjacent to. If you have any trouble, you can use homescapeshack.

Then there are the hammers that you can use to break the chained tiles in each level. Power ups aside playing the puzzles is your main way to progress with the game. When you complete a level, you will get a star. You will use the star to complete or advance the story. Like for example a part of the story requires Austin to clean his room and that costs 1 star. Using the star will complete the quest and move on the story. If you have no stars then you need to play the puzzles so once again you can complete the story and unlock those areas and items that you can use to change the look of the area. Speaking of the items you get to choose 1 free item and the rest you have to buy with the coins.

You can get coins when you play the game or the puzzles in particular. Now keep in mind that the items don’t necessarily boost anything but they are merely for aesthetics which you can change from time to time. It is basically a rinse and repeat when you play Homescapes. Play puzzles to get stars, use the stars to unlock more of the story, complete parts of the story to unlock more items and continue. Try and play Homescapes today since it is a fun game. The puzzle and simulation mechanics are really good and fun. Plus the game is free so if you don’t like it, you can just remove it if you want to.